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Checking the Hives

- Monday, June 3, 2013            
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A colony of bees moved into some old hive boxes James had stored in a shed. James and Ed checked the bees out and decided to let them get settled before messing with them too much.

checking a bee swarm

James and Ed weren't sure if the bees had moved into a hive box with frames in it for the bees to use for building honeycomb. The bees would build their honeycomb on the roof of the box if there were no frames in it, and the colony would have to be eased into a new hive assembly later.

checking a bee swarm

James and Ed put on some protective equipment today and checked on the bees again. They confirmed that the bees had moved into a box with no frames. On the bright side, the bees appeared to be calm European bees. They let Ed and James handle the hives without becoming unduly aggressive, so Ed and James felt better about a colony living so close to the areas of the farm inhabited by people and animals.

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