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Hay Rake Gearbox

- Wednesday, October 24, 2012            
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A loud metallic squeaking noise came out of the John Deere hay rake's gearbox. Loud metallic squeaking noises were never good, so Ed set about disassembling it to find out what metal pieces were rubbing against each other to cause the noise.

John Deere rake ground drive

Aha and uh oh. The oil in the gear box wasn't getting to a bearing; it was bone dry and worn out.

reassembling the ground drive

Ed got a parts list for the hay rake's ground drive and gearbox from John Deere. John Deere and New Holland both had handy online parts catalogs with diagrams so we didn't have to guess at part numbers to buy.

NAPA is one of the few stores left in Boling. It's indispensable to the farmers in the area; it saves us a 20 minute drive to Wharton or Bay City to try to find a $2 part that might make the difference between good hay and ruined hay.

We made a run to the NAPA store, and picked up a bunch of small boxes of parts. Ed laid them out on the work bench and began to put the pieces back together.

vice holding the ground drive assembly

The vice on the workbench came in handy for holding the ground drive assembly while Ed tapped in the last new bearing.

reassembled gearbox

Ed re-greased the whole ground drive assembly and re-installed it in the gearbox. The hay rake was ready to go; now he could turn his attention to the repairs on the hay cutter.

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