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Sherrill Farms hay works with your feeding program to ensure your cattle stay at your goal body condition score (BCS) according to their age and breeding cycle. Every crop is weed-controlled, fertilized and tested to optimize quality and reduce waste. Our Jiggs Bermudagrass makes a leafy, digestible, palatable hay.

Sherrill Farms offers hay in small square bales or large rounds. Contact Ed Sherrill via email at or call 979.217.1673 for questions and information about Sherrill Farms hay products for cattle.

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We're hoping to make an alfalfa cutting in the first week of April, weather permitting. The Bermudagrass hay will probably not be cut until May.

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We've got Jiggs round bales stacked and ready to load in the Wharton field. If we're lucky we'll get one more cutting before the weather cools off and the bermudagrass goes dormant.

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We've got over 300 round bales of Tifton 85 bermudagrass hay in stock. Try it out on your horses and cows! Tifton 85 is a little more coarse than Jiggs so stick with the Jiggs for your picky eaters. Give Ed a call for details.

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Sherrill Farms is located 65 miles southwest of Houston.

Drive southwest on I-59 S, exit at Wharton, and head south on FM 1301 for 16 miles until you reach Pledger.

Delivery options are available; call for a quote.

We have alfalfa in the barn!
We have alfalfa in the barn!

Got a skinny cow that needs to gain a few pounds? Sick of expensive cubes from the feed store? Tired of paying too much for out-of-state alfalfa? We have the solution to your problem.

Sherrill Farms is growing alfalfa at our Pledger hay farm. We have limited quantities of small squares in stock; check our sales page or call us for availability.

We grow our alfalfa just like we grow our grass hay: custom fertilizer, weed control and blister beetle control. Try some Sherrill Farms alfalfa today!

Beef Cattle Nutrition
Beef Cattle Nutrition

Q: What and how much should I feed my herd?
A: Start with pasture grass and good hay. Supplement as required.

Here are some handy links for information on nutrition requirements for beef cows throughout the year and some helpful hints on how to calculate how much forage you'll need to see them through the winter:

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